Tetric Evo-Flowables

Tetric Evo-Flowables

Successful with the No. 1*
* Tetric EvoFlow is the best selling flowable filling composite in Europe (2007–2016)
Tetric EvoFlow
Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill

Tetric Evo-Line can change the life of your patients. This video shows you how.

The market leader* celebrates its anniversary

Tetric EvoFlow is the best selling flowable filling composite in Europe. We celebrate the 10th anniversary and can look back on more than 80 million fillings placed with this material. The product's unique properties have contributed to this success:

Handling properties
Tetric EvoFlow has a thixotropic consistency. The material flows when under pressure, thus enabling a precise application. This property allows for a good surface affinity even in small and thinly tapered areas. Once applied the material remains in place.

Tetric EvoFlow is a highly chromatic material that offers an optimum ratio of opacity and translucency. An excellent shade match can thus be achieved – for results that can hardly be distinguished from natural teeth.

* Tetric EvoFlow is the best selling flowable filling composite in Europe (2007-2016)

Thixotropic consistency

Broad range of indications

Broad range of indications

Class I & II

for example

  • as liner in large fillings
  • blocking out of undercuts
  • small Class I cavities
  • masking of severly stained spots
  • adaptation of matrices
  • build-up in endodontically treated teeth1

Class III & IV

for example

  • diastema closure
  • small corrections of tooth shape
  • cosmetic correction of crooked teeth
  • closure of black triangles
  • small incisal edge build-ups
  • thinly tapered transitions



such as repairs of

  • direct composite fillings
  • indirect ceramic or composite restorations
  • denture teeth


Class V

for example small cavities


Deciduous teeth 1

1Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill

Enthusiastic users

The coordinated translucency of Tetric EvoFlow Dentin and Enamel allows for highly esthetic fillings to be placed. Given its excellent surface affinity and polishability, Tetric Evo Flow is especially suitable for minimally invasive treatment procedures.


Dr Ronny Watzke, Ivoclar Vivadent AG, Liechtenstein

Areas to be customized can be very easily built-up with flowable materials. The shade can be verified any time and layering of the different translucencies is easier than with conventional composites due to the lower filler contents. Moreover, Tetric EvoFlow polishes very well. Possible air bubbles can be easily detected and eliminated.

Ulf Krueger-Janson, Dentist, Germany
Tetric EvoFlow is especially suitable for the treatment of conical teeth. Its thixotropic consistency allows for a precise application. The medium opacity ensures excellent esthetic results.


Dr. Eduardo Mahn, Chile

The combination of Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill and Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill is especially suitable for larger restorations in teeth with root canal fillings. Despite the very deep cavities of these teeth, they can be built-up in only a few steps. Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill also conceals slight discolourations. 


Dr. Martin von Sontagh, Austria

Clinical success is the basis - evolution is the future!

Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill is the youngest member of the Tetric Evo-Line. It can be applied in layers of 4 mm, which results in a significant increase in efficiency. Due to the Aessencio technology (patent pending), the flowable composite increases the masking capability of modern bulk-fill materials and allows even stained dentin to be effectively concealed.

Unique combinability

Although Tetric EvoFlow and Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill have many things in common, each product has unique features that make them suitable for their recommended range of indications. Both materials offer specific benefits depending on the indication and treatment objectives

Tetric EvoFlow
Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill
Range of indications
  • Anterior and posterior region
  • Small stress-bearing areas
  • Posterior region
  • Must have a capping layer*
Curing depth
  • 1.5 - 2 mm
  • 4 mm
  • Thixotropic consistency
  • Self-levelling consistency 
  • approx. 6 - 31 % **
  • approx. 9.8% after curing**
Available Shades
  • 14 shades
  • 3 Universal shades
*Exception: Deciduous teeth can be supplied without additional capping layer with Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill **Average value; the values of individual batches may deviate
What is your best experience?

“I use Tetric Evo-Composites because …“

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… it makes our patients laugh again without any fear.

Dr S. Wadersloh, Germany

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